martedì 24 maggio 2016

Tenuta Grillo, The Wizard of Piedmont: Our Most Interesting Italian White and Our New Cult Producer

BACCABIANCA it's genius and a unique work of art along the lines of the wines of Puffeney, Berlioz, Thierry Germain, Weltner and other "unicorn"/ cult wine producers.  Describing this wine is almost impossible as, like other great works of art, it's unique.  Spend an hour with it and try and write a tasting note.  I dare you.  It's impossible, much like describing the Mona Lisa by first describing her ear and then her nose, etc.  The overall effect of the painting is what matters and that is very hard to describe.  So here it goes.  First, the color which is borderline gold and faded tangerine.  The nose is just crazy. The aromatics are off the hook.  Nutty.  Creamy.  They change every five minutes.  The palate is really hard to describe.  Hints of passion fruit, but not overly fruity.  Creamy.  Some nut overtones.  Tea notes flit in and out.  Some soft tannins.  There is stunning juiciness that is unique in that it hits all over the inside of your mouth like a juicy explosion.  There is also awesome balance with wonderful mineral notes.  It's one of those wines that is so well made and integrated you have to concentrate to pick out flavor elements, almost like the wines of Laible.  The finish is long, long, long, complex and mineral.
It leaves you speechless at the end as your brain.
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mercoledì 18 maggio 2016

Solleone 2011 - Il Genius Loci di Gamalero

...."Non una beva scontata, ne una beva che vuole stupire ad ogni costo, non omologabile, ma riconoscibile, l’idea di bianco che Zampaglione ha voluto nei suoi vini, nient’altro che la sua interpretazione del territorio, che non sa essere Sauvignon nella sua accezione classica, ma un Sauvignon di Tenuta Grillo in  Monferrato". [leggi tutto il post] di Roberto Orciani

venerdì 13 maggio 2016

Our visit to the Real Wine Fair: the best natural wine under one roof!

...meeting Guido and Igiea was without doubt the most interesting experience of the whole wine fair. Besides both being wonderful and friendly people, they truely have a passion for organic  winemaking and take enormous care in growing their extraordinary vines. .... 
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